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About Elisa Cook

My love affair with kitchens began shortly after deciding to replace my kitchen in 2010.  As I wasn’t working at that time and had just started a family, I had some time to spare and, to cut a long story short, became all-consumed by my kitchen project. Frankly, I managed to drive myself and everyone else around me a bit bonkers at times. This was my one shot at attaining my dream kitchen and I was determined to get it just right.

I went down the standard kitchen research route. I perused some interiors magazines, made a mood board, found a builder and asked lots of questions to anyone I knew who had installed a kitchen. I called umpteen showrooms plus all the DIY box stores and had two types of response. Either, they would measure up and then produce a design that just wasn’t right for me followed up by a million calls where they did the hard-sell on me. Or, they just didn’t bother calling me back at all.

“What started out as a really exciting project quickly morphed into a state of confusion and stress.”

I just couldn’t find the right design and I felt that what I needed wasn’t necessarily being heard. I did admittedly have a room that wasn’t a typical shape, but was this as good as it was going to get? I also couldn’t make head nor tail of the differences between all the brands and I couldn’t understand what the broad range of costs I was being quoted meant in terms of quality. Of course, I also kept changing my mind about what I wanted too which didn’t help matters. But, isn’t that just a gal’s prerogative when planning the most important room in the home?

After months of research and coupled with the help of a fantastic builder, I went off-piste and designed and sourced the kitchen myself. The result was pretty good for a novice. Soon after that, my Uncle, a friend of mine and then a friend of a friend asked me to do the same for them and so it went on from there. After I had designed four kitchens for family and friends and had actually started to comfort eat to fill the void between designing kitchen projects, I knew that it was time to turn my unusual addiction into my own business.

Several years later and with design courses completed, professional software in place, some great relationships with builders and suppliers established and over 100 beautiful kitchens designed, I can confidently call myself an independent kitchen designer.

I want to provide people with the best possible experience, knowing that they have someone who can design their kitchen who will listen to them and work with them until the design is perfect. My design ethos is to maximise storage and counter space while ensuring a beautiful aesthetic and flow. I use 2D, 3D and HD computer modelling to help my clients visualise their dream kitchen. Achieving the perfect kitchen requires a great design coupled with an immaculate installation. I can either work directly with your builder to ensure this. Alternatively, you may prefer to use one of the excellent fitters I regularly work with. Either way, I will support you to ensure you get exactly the service you need to achieve the perfect kitchen. I can also give you advice about worktops, flooring and appliances. I have many reliable trade contacts who offer great service, quality products and competitive pricing.  After many client enquiries over the years and in the midst of a global pandemic (timing is everything!), I added home offices and fitted wardrobes to my product offering.

I am by no means a salesperson having previously worked in the not for profit sector for over 10 years, but I am a mum of two boys who is fortunate enough to have found her dream job and be able to work around her kids. I live in North London and cover the Greater London area.  If you live outside of this area and would be interested in my services, please do still contact me to see if I can help you.

The kitchen is both the heart of the home and also the most important room in terms of the potential it offers to increase the value of your home. Installing a beautiful kitchen requires careful thought and planning.  My goal is to provide a dedicated design and supply service where no kitchen is too big or too small.  I work with bespoke manufacturers who utilise the best quality German and Italian products and styles to produce the perfect kitchen for you right here in the UK.

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