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  • How do I choose my kitchen style?

    I’m often asked about where to even begin when starting to think about a new kitchen.  The first question most people ask is whether to go traditional or modern. Traditional kitchens usually refer to a Shaker style of door.  Shaker kitchens can have a plant on door where the door is placed directly on the carcase or be in-frame where the door sits within an actual frame.  Both options are lovely, although the in-frame option usually allows for you to also have some further traditional accents such as butt hinges and a moulded plinth.  Budget can often be a consideration… View Article

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  • Let’s talk about pendant lights

    Lighting is such an important part of your kitchen renovation.  I’ll write about different types of lighting to explore in your kitchen in a future blog.  However, for now, I wanted to share with you my favourite places to buy pendants lights.  Many kitchen extensions are often lucky enough to have the space for a kitchen island or peninsular and two or three pendant lights can look fantastic in these areas.  These are the websites I usually direct my clients to for pendant lighting. The Original BTC has the most exquisite range of pendant lights available. This store… View Article

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  • Let’s talk about bar stools

    My clients frequently ask me to recommend somewhere to buy great bar stools, so I thought I would share my three favourite suppliers with you! Atlantic Shopping – I think you would be hard pressed to find anywhere with a bigger selection than they have. This bar stool looks so comfy.  I would want to eat all my meals sitting on this stool. Rockett St George – I really love how cool and industrial the designs of their stools are. It might have a hefty price tag, but these glamorous bar stools certainly make a very elegant statement.  – Great prices and flair. It is so… View Article

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  • Choosing the right builder

    There are no shortage of shows on television that depict rogue traders and bad builders.  In a recent survey conducted by Which?, only 52% of respondents said they trust their builder.  Maybe you know someone who has had the misfortune of a bad renovation experience.  Undertaking any kitchen work will require the skills of a good builder.  There are a great many good builders out there, so don’t let a few bad apples scare you. It certainly doesn’t have to be a bad experience if you follow these basic rules: 1. Get recommendations from family and friends on builders that they… View Article

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  • Kitchen basics

    Buying a new kitchen? Where to begin? When you buy a new kitchen, where do you start? It seems like a minefield out there and we all get a bit scared that we might get it wrong. Gloss or matt? Handles or handleless?  Neutral or bright?  Modern or traditional? Granite, quartz or corian? Tiles or glass?  The list of options seems endless at times. Okay, take a deep breath. It’s not so complicated and I assure you that you won’t get it wrong. My advice when thinking about a new kitchen is to find something that gets you excited.  For example, rather than striding into a… View Article

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