Arsenal N5

This music and Arsenal football club loving couple had a very specific request for their new extension – the space would need to have an area to display their rather large juke box and some Arsenal memorabilia.  I’m very pleased to report that both sit perfectly on display in the room and my clients are very happy.  Aside from this criteria, my clients knew they also wanted a blue gloss kitchen and the mirror gloss units they chose bounces light around the extension beautifully and is further complimented by a stunning Compac Lactea quartz worktop which has plenty of sparkle.  It’s a beautiful space with some lovely efficient storage throughout.  The island is a good size, but not vast and the waterfall effect of the quartz on each side of the island really makes it a super feature.  This is a wonderful room where they can enjoy listening to music in a light filled and lovely space.  I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and getting to know my lovely clients in spite of their football allegiances!

The design stage was a delight. We had some basic ideas and Elisa was sympathetic to them, then offered ways to create and improve on  them. She had practical suggestions, created 3D plans and a host of samples so we could visualise what it would look like. What we wanted was someone to be helpful, supportive, offer advice and positive suggestions and alternatives when required, without forcing us into anything. That’s exactly what Elisa provided. The result is a kitchen we are totally happy with. The materials we settled on – with Elisa’s guidance – look great. The layout is practical and ergonomically first class.


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